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Our exchange service has a convenient bonus program in which all users can participate. To encourage our customers and to get an opinion on the quality of our work, we decided to introduce a reward system for reviews. Such a system will not only be a pleasant bonus for users, but also help us improve the service. There are several ways to participate in this bonus program:

1. You can post your opinion about our site on review platforms and in trust networks specializing in building a reputation for online services, in particular:

  • https://ru.trustpilot.com/review/24.zone
  • https://www.mywot.com/scorecard/24.zone
  • https://webproverka.com/domain.php?24.zone

For each published review on these resources you can get $ 1, but there are some peculiarities: your opinion should be moderated. After that, to receive your remuneration, contact us – we can transfer funds to any payment instrument convenient to you.

2. The owners of the forum, blog or other resource can also take part by simply placing a banner of our cryptocurrency exchange. For your convenience, we have made banners of different sizes, the code of which you can insеrt into your website. For the published information we give $ 5, and you can discuss withdrawal methods with us after posting. This option is suitable for sites that are mainly financially oriented, including cryptocurrency and trading. You can discuss all the nuances in advance individually with us.
Taking part in an affiliate program is very simple: fill out a special registration form and familiarize yourself with the conditions that can be read in your personal account. In addition to banners, for your convenience, we offer several options for affiliate links, ideal for quick insertion into the code. Additionally, you can place a short advertising text about the services of our online bitcoin exchange. Find out more from the affiliate FAQ.In addition to the reward for the banner placed, you get a percentage of conversions and completed transactions, as well as a constant 5% discount on the implementation of the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency. The benefits of an affiliate program do not end there; all the detailed information you can find in your account.

3. Another way to get a bonus from our cryptocurrency exchange service is to write a review or article about us. We are ready to provide rewards for those involved in video reviews – this format will help us get more opinions from the outside. The size of the bonus is determined individually in each case, and, as in the previous versions, funds can be received at any details convenient for you.
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