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CertiK, which specializes in cybersecurity verification technologies and secure online cryptocurrency exchanges, has released a new programming language, DeepSEA. The language is available for developers in the demo version; the team also includes a reference guide that will help you quickly understand how to manage and write smart contracts. The manual contains all the detailed information about the DeepSEA language and how to use it to achieve the best results in various fields. In addition, CertiK includes a compiler that you can use to run ready-made smart contracts.
According to the developers, none of the existing languages ​​is suitable for creating safe and simple algorithms. DeepSEA not only simplifies the administration of complex code, but also makes it more susceptible to programs. Although it was originally developed as an add-on to software, it was later redesigned to conduct audits of smart contracts and existing blockchain protocols. The need to create a new programming language also arose due to the lack of suitable conditions for the implementation of a formal check with the proper level of security against possible risks.
Because smart contracts are self-executing and unable to make changes, DeepSEA was designed directly to ensure error-free operation of contracts, as well as reliable protection against hacker attacks. The new blockchain infrastructure will be available together with the CertiK Chain core network in the first half of 2020.

CertiK and its projects related to research and development in the field of digital technologies and the exchange of cryptocurrencies have repeatedly received investments from leading laboratories and blockchain institutes. So, the sponsor of CertiK is Qtum – a decentralized platform for developing applications and smart contracts, as well as the Ethereum Foundation and Binance Labs. The founder and direct creator of DeepSEA syntax is Professor Zhong Shao, who also teaches computer science at Yale University in the United States.

The confidential CertiK network is now available for use and is fully compatible with Ethereum. This gives developers the opportunity to run existing smart contracts in the ecosystem that were written in another programming language, for example, Solidity. The integration of the new DeepSEA syntax with the blockchain, according to a company representative, will be completed very soon.