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The main events of January in the world of cryptocurrency (according to experts)
Despite the beginning of the year and a large number of holidays, life in the world of digital assets does not stop for a second. Every day there are fresh news cryptocurrency, which is quite able to influence the overall market capitalization. Let’s talk about the four that are recommended to pay attention to, analysts of the world of digital money.

Poloniex exchange prepares delisting of 7 coins
One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms – Poloniex exchange is preparing for the end of January 2020 unpleasant news, just for 7 coins that are traded on it. On January 30 of this year, the cryptocurrency issued by 7 companies at once will disappear from the exchange’s radar:

* DigiByte (DGB);
* Factom (FCT);
* MaidSafeCoin (MAID);
* Omni (OMNI);
* Primecoin (XPM);
* Vertcoin (VTC);
* Viacoin (VIA).

If all other cryptocurrencies stop trading due to their lack of liquidity and small volume of transactions, the situation with DigiByte is as follows. In early December last year, the project Manager DigiByte criticized the exchange Poloniex for the imperfection of the security system and trading algorithms. After the speech of the Creator of DGB, the management of the exchange announced the delisting of the coin in January 2020.

Agharta from Ethereum Classic is just around the corner
The value of the cryptocurrency in 2020 may be affected by the Agharta updаte, which is being prepared by the creators of the Ethereum Classic coin. The updаte (presumably) will be launched on January 15 this year, at block 9,573,000. Its task is to make two related cryptocurrencies – ETH and ETC (Ethereum Classic) as compatible as possible. The essence of the updаte is that Agharta will import forks Petersburg and Constantinople. They will help to implement currencies into each other. The upgrade will affect the cost, both ETH and ETC.

Hard fork from Grin
The grin cryptocurrency will undergo its second updаte in the last six months. The software will now be updated to version 3.0. The main task that the creators of the coin want to solve is to counteract ASIC mining. Experts believe that the hard fork from January 15 will help raise the price of Grin in the market. According to many analysts, Grin is one of the most undervalued coins currently available.

Muir Glacier from ETH
The next updаte is waiting for all those who are interested in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The main task of Muir Glacier (the name of the new product from ETH) is to postpone the complexity of the cryptocurrency algorithm by another 4,000,000 blocks. Delayed complication will help to more productively control the amount of remuneration to ETH miners. Now the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, it is preparing for the transition to a new technology – POS-mining. From may-June 2020, the coins that are on the wallets of users, by themselves, without the help of external resources, will mine new coins. The updаte will affect the value of Ethereum, contributing to the increase in the price of the coin. Overall, the prospects for digital money in the world are positive.