Поделиться ВКонтакте Поделиться в Однокласниках

The emergence of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency marked the beginning of the widespread creation of new coins and the improvement of already created ones. The popular altcoin Litecoin is no exception. It was created in 2011 as a replacement for its predecessor, since early versions of the first digital currency contained a lot of errors and shortcomings. Pretty soon after launch, the litecoin exchange rate rose, taking a leading position in the foreign exchange market. Today, Litecoin is a successful payment system and peer-to-peer currency used by millions of Internet users around the world. Its low volatility is also considered the reason why LTC is used more often than other altcoins for trading and exchanging fiat currency transactions.

However, these are not all the advantages that a coin possesses. The system provides other, more comfortable, conditions for miners and is mainly aimed at ensuring convenient mining. Due to this frequent generation of new coins, the lightcoin to dollar exchange rate does not undergo strong changes, therefore this token is well suited for regular exchanges and transfers. Litecoin also boasts a higher level of security than its predecessor – it is impossible to cancel a transaction, user personal data is encrypted, and the system itself is completely decentralized. All these advantages help to remain in the top of the best-selling coins on exchanges that exchange lightcoins in dollars.

Since cryptocurrency is not widely used in the CIS, it will not work directly to buy this coin. Most exchanges do not support conversion to rubles or work with an extremely limited range of payment instruments. Our exchange service provides many opportunities for a quick exchange of lightcoins into rubles. Among the available directions for selling or buying LTC there are Perfect Money, QIWI, Payeer, Yandex.Money and multi-currency Advanced Cash e-wallets. Do you use Internet banking or prefer to receive funds immediately in cash? Choose litecoin exchange in rubles through cash-in terminals from Alfa Bank and Tinkoff. Operators will answer questions regarding cash withdrawals at any time convenient for you.

In addition, our exchanger has the ability to withdraw funds after the sale of LTC through money transfer systems – for example, Western uniоn. Users of bank cards can order an exchange for any card of a Russian bank, as well as for plastic from MIR, VISA or MasterCard. Since the direction of lightcoin ruble is one of the most frequent, we do our best to expand the range of services and simplify the transfer to fiat currency. The current course is formed on the basis of data from authoritative resources in real time, which will allow you to implement the exchange of lightcoins on comfortable conditions.