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Cryptocurrency has always been associated with a new direction in the field of digital technologies. The electronic coin also corresponds to the novelty and modern trends
NEO, which appeared on the market in 2016. Today, this currency is popular with customers of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Operating on the bitcoin blockchain, which has undergone many changes, NEO still occupies high positions in the lists of popular cryptocurrencies, although initially its launch was not so successful. At first, this coin was released on the market as the Antshares brand, but it received wide recognition after a successful rebranding-this affected not only the attraction of the crypto community, but also the rapid growth of the exchange rate, as well as its overall capitalization.
An important factor in promoting the token among competitors is cooperation with the Chinese authorities – this gives more prospects for the distribution of the digital currency in the largest financial market. At the same time, the idea of decentralization and independence from state authorities remains valid – the system has a high level of protection of its users ‘ data and allows for anonymous cryptocurrency exchange operations. However, the advantages of NEO do not end there. One of the main directions of this coin is the so-called “smart economy”, which the system seeks to achieve through the use of smart contracts. Support for different programming languages expands the capabilities of developers and contributes to the development of the ecosystem by creating decentralized applications for different purposes.
You can sell NEO or buy IT on cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms-today this coin is listed on every major platform. However, most of them require multiple transactions, which can take a long time and spoil the transaction due to changes in the rate. You can implement instant direct exchange of neo in rubles at the current market rate in our exchange service. We provide convenient conversion to cards of Russian banks, including Sberbank, Alfa-Bank and Internet banking Russian Standard and Tinkoff Credit Systems. For subsequent withdrawals anywhere in the world, you can also choose to exchange for plastic VISA, MIR or MasterCard.
Neo can be converted into dollars to multi-currency accounts of such payment systems as Advanced Cash, Perfect Money and Payeer, as well as directly into cash via cash-in terminals. You can make a secure automatic transaction even with the help of money transfer systems, and the competent support service will help you understand the subtleties of transactions.