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Payeer USD

Payeer is an international payment system that has been providing its services since 2010. What is it known for? In addition to a complete set of basic financial transactions, Paer has a unique opportunity to implement mass transfers. For regular users of e-wallets, this service offers automatic currency conversion to most popular Fiat currencies, as well as the function of international transfers even to people who are not registered in the system. This ensures a high level of confidentiality and allows you to make payments without going through the verification procedure.
Excellent integration with different payment systems, banks and other financial organizations makes it possible to quickly transfer money to other accounts without additional expenses on commissions. Payeer’s personal account provides convenient payment administration and full access to transaction history. Otherwise, this payment system can be used for all everyday situations – for payment of services, mobile communications, purchases, fines, for booking tickets, and much more. Among other things, money on payeer can be stored in any currency – in euros, dollars or rubles.
Despite all the advantages and opportunities of this system, some users prefer to withdraw funds from an electronic wallet to a Bank account. If you are also wondering how to withdraw money from payeer to a Visa, MasterCard or MIR card, then you can find everything you need in our exchanger. We offer withdrawals to cards of Russian banks-Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff, Sberbank, Russian Standard and others, as well as to accounts of other payment systems. Want to withdraw in cash? Use the Payeer direction-alpha cash-in, TCS, and other suitable pairs. For your convenience, we also implement transactions via money transfers.
Using our service, you can also purchase a popular cryptocurrency. It is possible to exchange payers for BTC, DASH, NEO, EOS and even for stablecoins at a favorable rate in just a few clicks. In order to get professional advice or ask a question about the service, you can contact the chat, which works without breaks and weekends. Fast communication with the operator and a sufficient number of reserves will help to avoid possible problems with the transaction and save money in the event of a sharp change in the exchange rate.

Advanced Cash(RUB) на Payeer(USD)
Advanced Cash(USD) на Payeer(USD)
Bitcoin(BTC) на Payeer(USD)
Visa/Mastercard UAH → Payeer USD
Dash(DASH) на Payeer(USD)
EOS(EOS) на Payeer(USD)
Ethereum(ETH) на Payeer(USD)
Litecoin(LTC) на Payeer(USD)
Perfect Money(USD) на Payeer(USD)
Payeer(USD) на Альфа Cash-in(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на Альфа Cash-in(USD)
Payeer(USD) на Advanced Cash(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на Advanced Cash(USD)
Payeer(USD) на Bitcoin(BTC)
Payeer(USD) на Visa/Mastercard(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на Наличные(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на Наличные(USD)
Payeer(USD) на Dash(DASH)
Payeer(USD) на EOS(EOS)
Payeer(USD) на Ethereum(ETH)
Payeer(USD) на Litecoin(LTC)
Payeer(USD) на Perfect Money(USD)
Payeer(USD) на Русский Стандарт(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на Сбербанк(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на ВТБ24(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на ТКС cash-in(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на Тинькофф(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на TrueUSD(TUSD)
Payeer(USD) на Tether(USDT)
Payeer(USD) на Любой банк(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на Stellar Lumens(XLM)
Payeer(USD) на Monero(XMR)
Payeer(USD) на Ripple(XRP)
Payeer(USD) на Яндекс.Деньги(RUB)
Payeer(USD) на Zcash(ZEC)
Payeer USD → Visa/Mastercard UAH
Payeer USD → Tether ERC20 USDT
Payeer USD → Tether TRC20 USDT
ТКС QR-коды RUB → Payeer USD
TrueUSD(TUSD) на Payeer(USD)
USD Coin(USDC) на Payeer(USD)
Tether(USDT) на Payeer(USD)
Tether ERC20 USDT → Payeer USD
Tether TRC20 USDT → Payeer USD
Stellar Lumens(XLM) на Payeer(USD)
Monero(XMR) на Payeer(USD)
Ripple(XRP) на Payeer(USD)
Zcash(ZEC) на Payeer(USD)